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How to Channel Inspiration for Your Home

Sometimes beginning a renovation can be a daunting task. Without a vision the project can seem overwhelming. Where to even begin you ask? We have some tips to help you out: Clear Out Your Room Start out with a blank space so you can get a good view of your room’s flaws and determine how they can be fixed. Clearing the space of all the clutter can help de-clutter your mind and give you a chance to envision new ideas for the room. Determine Your Needs Determine how you want to use the room. Will it have the same function as it did before? What do you need in the room to achieve these needs? Do you need to remove walls or change the current layout and flow of the room? What do you need to purchase for the room? Who do you need to hire to achieve the work that needs to be done? Measure, Once, Twice, Three Times It’s always important to measure your room so you know what items will fit in the room. This will also help you when it comes to painting the room, installing new flooring, and planning the space. Hire Professionals There are professionals out there for almost every aspect of a renovation. You may consider hiring a contractor for a large remodel as they will assist you with every step of the process. There are professionals out there who can help you with your space planning; many companies offer 3D visuals of your room to show you what it could look like with some remodeling. You should always hire professionals for... read more

Understanding the Design Process

Everyone wants a room that looks like it came out of a magazine or TV show but few people understand the process that designers go through to get to the end result. We’ve covered the basic design process for you so that we can help you get the designer look that you want. Decide on Your Needs Decide how you are going to use the room that you’re trying to redecorate. Ask yourself how you are going to use this room. Is it a room where you will entertain guests? Is it a room where you will watch TV? Plan Your Space Decide on your furniture configuration based on your needs. If it is a room that you will use to entertain guests, then be sure that the furniture configuration invites conversation and set up your furniture so that all guests can converse with each other. If it’s a room where you will be watching TV, make sure that the light from the window will not create a glare on the TV. Decide on a Mood Decide your colour scheme based on the mood that you want in the room. If it’s a room where you will entertain people, you might want a lively colour that promotes conversation, such as red. If it’s a room that you will use to relax and watch TV, you might want a calming colour, such as blue. Find Your Inspiration To help you decide on a colour scheme for the room, find an accessory that you want to use in the room and draw your colours from it. If you find a throw... read more
5 Things To Think About Before Renovating Your Home

5 Things To Think About Before Renovating Your Home

Any renovation started without proper planning is likely to take longer and be filled with frustration. That’s why this week, we’re taking you through five things you need to know before starting your renovation.   Budget – Do your renovation budget homework, this is the first and arguably most important step. Your budget will affect everything from the types of materials you choose, to the contractor you work with, to the timeline of project completion. Always assume you’re going to spend between 20-30% more than you planned. To go into every possible budget consideration is beyond the scope of this article. However, there are a ton of great resources out there online for planning your budget, you can also talk to friends and family who have done similar renovations. Create a timeline, and stick to it – We’ve all had that friend or family members who’s been seemingly working on a renovation for years. We encourage everyone renovating their home to pick a realistic timeline and stick to it. Having a timeline written out helps you commit to finishing, no excuses. It’s also important to check in often, and ensure you’re still on schedule. Having a great renovation contractor, like Curved Walls makes this part much easier. Think about the future – Wouldn’t you hate to pour money and energy into a renovation, only to end up wanting changes when circumstances change in 5 years? It’s always good to think about anything that might change in the future: Are you expecting children? Will your children be growing and moving out in the near future? Will you be retiring and want... read more

How Our Products Save Time and Money

At Curved Walls, we lead the way in specialty drywall products in Canada, and across the world.  We build our drywall modules at our facilities in Edmonton, AB and can ship across North America. So, why are more people choosing Curved Walls modules? Because our products save both time, money, and get the job done more efficiently. But how do we do it? Why does our product save time and money? This week, we explore these questions: No Cutting Our product are built to spec, eliminating the need to cut on site; and yes, that is a big deal. Cutting drywall on-site can require your installer to prep the area, set up proper ventilation, make a mess of hazardous dust, and of course – engage in the dangerous process of actually cutting the materials. By bypassing this step, your project is not only faster and less expensive, but also safer. Substantially Less Taping/Framing Traditionally, taping and framing is not just time-consuming and skill-intensive, but also increases the risk for errors and sub-standard finishes. In comparison, Curved walls products are built ready to install, and require substantially less taping or framing. This is just another example of how we save builders, and end-users both time and money. Products Arrive at Spec Once we receive your measurements, we build your products to the exact need, at the exact specs. Once your products arrive, there is no time wasted re-measuring or with other time-consuming tasks, it’s just ready to install. In fact, do-it-yourselfers have been able to install our product with ease (depending on the job complexity). And whether we are installing,... read more

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